Magnetex Therapy

Kat Birrell at Synergy In Health is one of the first practitioners to introduce the Magnetex to the UK. She uses this hand held device to work on a wide of variety of health conditions such as chronic and acute pain, injuries to the ligaments, muscles and cartilage, anxiety, poor concentration, allergies and sensitivities, headaches, migraines, back pain, muscular pain, skin rashes, depression and sleep problems.

The Magnetex machine derives its power from a vortex created by four rapidly spinning neodymium magnets. The machine is said to do only one thing, which is to pull toxic debris from the cells and tissues of the body. Biofilms, or the dense, sticky mass that houses and protects bacteria, fungi, parasites and other undesirable elements are effectively broken down by the Magnetex allowing the body’s waste elimination mechanisms to dispose of them quickly and efficiently. Other waste products, such as chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, acids and hormones are also pulled from the cells for removal. Once the cell-clogging products are removed, the body is able to metabolize effectively once again, leading to a healthier, stronger constitution all round. The Magnetex is highly effective, but must be used alongside a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle, which Kat is always happy to advise you on. Clients report after their Magnetex Therapy they feel like they have had a full body massage and feel completely relaxed.