Rife Therapy

This therapy is named after its creator, Royal Rife, who built the first microscope able to observe minute bacteria and cells accurately. He then went on to research how subjecting these bacteria and viruses to various frequencies caused them to break down. A typical treatment using a Rife Machine consists of the client holding cathode ray tubes through which currents of varying frequencies are passed, targeting pathogens and toxins and encouraging regeneration of the body’s cells and tissues. The current should not be confused with electric shock and there is no discomfort or pain involved in the receiving of these radio wave frequencies. Rife technology works with the body, not against it, and can be particularly helpful in the treatment of resistive conditions. The technology can encourage and support the body’s own immune system and help to bring about a healthy, toxin free balance within the various systems. It can stimulate a healthier flow of lymph and blood circulation, alleviate a sluggish digestive and elimination system and promote the production of new and healthy cells.