Sound Healing

Although new to the Western World the use of sound to heal and to promote good health has been uses for thousands of years in ancient cultures, think of the aboriginals and the didgeridoo. . The vibrations and frequencies produced by different instruments, such as Tibetan and crystal bowls, drums and gongs has an effect on us through resonating throughout our bodies. This resonance can literally “shake up” our energetic systems, clearing blockages in the meridians and promoting the health flow of chi or life force energy. If you have difficulty accepting the ancient wisdom that shows how a healthy flow of energy through the meridian systems of the body leads to good health and general well-being try a few sessions of both Tai Chi and Qigong with an experienced teacher. The resulting feelings will speak for themselves. If you have the chance to experience a sound bath do try it. The vibrations and resonances can be felt both physically and mentally and you will certainly feel differently by the end of the session.

At Synergy In Health you can experience Sound Healing that is tailored to your own unique constitution. The vibrations produced by a variety of ancient instruments resonate with your own cells’ vibrations and help to bring them into alignment and balance. Your muscles relax and soften, releasing tension and aiding healing of both the muscular and the skeletal systems. You may also experience a deep and wonderful sense of calm. This is because sound healing has the effect of lowering brain wave frequencies to the extent that they mimic states of deep meditation.